Sneak Peek: French Chateau Styled Shoot

Hello, lovelies! We are busy, busy bees here in the midst of wedding season, but wanted to give you a sneaky peek from this amazing styled wedding shoot we collaborated on back in April.

Lots more to come, but for now here is a glimpse of the most romantic candlelit ceremony you have ever seen and a bouquet that was as big as the bride (not joking!).


Photos by Elizabeth Lloyd Photography



Michelle + Tyler’s Wedding Invitations: Our Signature Collection Invitation with Holiday Charm

Many couples would like a custom designed wedding invitation but might not have quite the budget for custom invitations. But sometimes it’s hard to find ready-to-order invitations that are just right for your wedding. That was the case with Michelle and Tyler. Michelle loved our Square Medallion Wedding Invitation but it was missing that something special she wanted for their Christmas-themed celebration. So we ended up creating a semi-custom design for them: we took our existing Square Medallion invitation design but incorporated wintry graphics like evergreen branches and pine cones. The result? Michelle and Tyler paid much less than they would have for a completely custom design, but it was still unique to them and their wedding!


Evergreen boughs and pine cones were added to the return address and guest addresses printed on the shimmery gold outer envelopes. Pine branches and pine cones were repeated on the reception card and the couple’s monogram. The entire invitation suite was held together by a hunter green belly band.


The wedding invitation details were carried through onto the reception items: tented menu cards, a cards and gifts sign, guestbook sign, Instagram hashtag sign, signature drink signs, and favor stickers (on cones of hot cocoa mix!).


Michelle and Tyler- thank you so much for letting us be a small part of this very special day. Not only was your wedding day beautiful and elegant, but you were one of the sweetest couples we’ve ever worked with! We hope we get to design invitations for you in the future! Congratulations!!

Ceremony location: Corpus Christi Church, Baltimore, Maryland

Reception location: Belvedere Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland

All photos above © Brittany DeFrehn Photography and used with her permission


How Much Do Wedding Invitations Cost?

You just got engaged and you’re struggling to put together your wedding budget, one of the most stressful tasks of wedding planning. When it comes to the invitations and other stationery, how much do you budget?

Most of our clients don’t have any idea what an appropriate amount is to budget for their wedding invitations and day-of stationery. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault! You’ve likely never planned a wedding before and those budget articles that break everything down into “X% of your budget” don’t really help much either. When you buy a greeting card it costs about $3 to $5 for a name brand card, but it isn’t personalized. How much does a personalized invitation cost?

Alright, so what is the average cost of wedding invitations these days? Here’s the short answer (for Americans anyway):

According to The Knot, couples across the United States spent an average of $439 on wedding invitations in 2014. That means if the average couple bought 75 invitations (sent out to roughly 150 guests), then they spent $5.85 per invitation.

Note that figure does not include postage (response card and invitation!), day-of stationery, or other paper accessories (save the date cards, ceremony programs, menus, thank you notes, etc.). It is ONLY invitations. So now you know the “average”… but is your wedding average? What should YOU budget?

Below is a quick reference of price ranges for common invitation styles, from low to high:

Important note: Invitation pricing will vary based on where you are located (i.e. prices will be higher in large metro areas and on the coasts) and who you are ordering from (a pocketfold from an Etsy seller will likely cost less than one from a high-end invitation designer). Also, a number of factors affect invitation pricing (paper choices, printing method, embellishments etc.). The pricing below reflects a standard invitation of the type listed. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just something to get you started!

Online/E-mail Invitations = < $1+ 

Yes, they exist and personally, I do not think an email invitation is appropriate for an event as important and special as your wedding. Birthday party, yes. Wedding, no, no, no. Nonetheless, it is an option that some couples with very limited budgets or super informal events may want to consider. Online options are usually priced as a flat rate (i.e. $79, $99 etc.), so the price per invite will depend on the number of invites you are sending out.

invitation from

Print Your Own Invitations = <$1+

“Print your own” would refer to the boxed invitations you can find at your local big box craft store – the kind that come with all of the pieces and you are responsible for printing the invite yourself. These invites range in price, but can often be purchased for less than $1 each (sometimes much less if you have a good coupon). Don’t forget to add in the cost of the ink cartridges you’ll use from running these through your home printer, as well as any extras you might need to purchase to account for printing issues (smeared ink, etc.).

invitation from

DIY Invitations = $2+

Do-It-Yourself is tough to provide an average for, as there are so many options that fall under the DIY category (online printables, DIY kits, designing your invite completely from scratch). That being said, you can bet you’ll be spending a minimum of $2 for your supplies, tools, adhesive, etc. and possibly much more, depending on the complexity of your project and how many of the tools you already own. Keep in mind that if you do purchase all the paper, materials, and tools, you may be stuck with a bunch that you may never use again after the wedding.

image found here

Standard Single-Panel Invitation = $2 – $5

This would include your standard invitation package consisting of a single panel invitation with response card and matching envelopes. This pricing would cover a range of album companies, online companies, and even some custom options. Again, the simplicity of the design and the quality of the materials is what will dictate pricing in this category. This option includes our Signature Collection invitations.

invitation from

Upgraded Panel Invitation = $4 – $8

Here you would be looking at a panel invitation (possibly with backers) made from higher quality papers such as thicker paper or cotton paper, and possibly featuring embellishments (ribbons, crystals, etc.). Again, this would include mid-range album invitations, online options, as well as custom design options. This price range includes our Signature Collection invitations with Adornments, as well as our invitations with laser cut enclosures.

invitation from La Rue Louise

Pocketfold Invitation = $5 – $9

Pricing on pocketfold-style invitations can vary greatly based on the quality of the pocketfold and the type of invitation design. More inserts and embellishments are going to equal higher prices.


invitation from Jupiter and Juno


Standard Boxed Invitation = $8 – $12

Boxed invitations can also range greatly, based on exactly what’s inside the box and what it’s made of. This price range would be for a standard type of invite in a cardstock-based box.

invitation from Hip Ink

Luxury Invitations = $15+

When it comes to luxury invitations the sky is truly the limit. But don’t expect to pay anything less than around $15 per set. This category would include things like large crystal embellishments, engraving, silk boxes or folios, and uncommon materials (acrylic, metal etc.).

invitation from Twig and Fig

The important thing to understand is that invitations work like pretty much everything else when it comes to weddings – you get what you pay for. What’s important in the above information is the minimum cost for each category. If someone is out there selling $3 pocketfolds, you can bet that you’ll probably be unhappy with the quality, design, etc. and there is a reason that they are only $3. The good news is this- there is an option out there to suit every couple, every style, and every wedding budget!

Busch Stadium Bridal Show 2016

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being at the 2016 Busch Stadium Bridal Show! It was held in the Redbird Club with views overlooking the stadium and downtown STL and the show had such a fun party vibe! Attendees received cocktails and hors d’oeuvres samples, plus guided tours of Busch Stadium’s event spaces all set up and decorated for rehearsal dinners and weddings.

Busch Stadium Bridal Show 2016 Invitation Booth

We had a great time meeting engaged couples who are planning their weddings in Busch Stadium and all around the St. Louis area! St. Louis area brides loved our custom wedding invitations and our 2016 wedding invitation trends:

“Rustic Glam”- real wood grain paper paired with foil accents or laser cut doily invitations with Swarovski crystals,

“Laser cuts and Lace”- our new, gorgeous laser cut invitations paired with beautiful lace trim and jewel brooches,

and “Jewel Tones and Drama”- sapphire blue, amethyst purple, and emerald green paired with gold or pewter, plus glitter paper, foil paper, glitter ribbon, or luxe pocketfolders or laser cut enclosures.

We also had fun creating a “Love in the Lou” table with examples of how couples can express their love for their city or Cardinals baseball through their wedding stationery! Include the Saint Louis skyline on your wedding invitation or send a subtle, round-shaped “baseball” Save the Date card.

St Louis Skyline Wedding Invitation


Yours truly standing in front of the invitation displays : P

Our booth was located directly across from Fish Eye Fun, so you know my assistant and I had to go make fools of ourselves!

Busch Stadium Bridal Show 2016 Fish Eye Fun

Busch Stadium Bridal Show 2016 Fish Eye Fun


Thank you, St. Louis couples, for being so fun to talk to yesterday! We can’t wait to meet with those who scheduled consultations in the next few weeks and get to hear more about their wedding plans!